A third way to name storms

October 25, 2005

Now that the letters of the alphabet have been exhausted in the naming of Atlantic storms, letters of the Greek alphabet will be used to name the remainder of the season’s storms: alpha, beta, comma, ditto, etc. There is a better way.

The ancients gave us enduring understanding of human nature, including hubris—overbearing pride and arrogance. Classical dramatists mined it for tragedy, showing how calamity arises when the reach of powerful kings exceeds a reasonable grasp.

And although hubris seems a long way from hurricanes, maybe it is not far after all to a new, more relevant sequence of letters to name the next hurricanes. Read the rest of this entry »


Smiling upside down

October 6, 2005

I am glad that the new nickel will feature a smiling Thomas Jefferson.

In Florida, it has been hard to swallow the continuous evasion by state bureaucrats and elected officials concerning massive outbreaks of toxic red tides and polluted rivers.

Smiling nickels would make me happy. Read the rest of this entry »