Global warming: A tale of 2 nations

February 15, 2005

The United States and Great Britain share a common language, a passion for football and, when it comes to government response to global warming, nothing much else.

On Wednesday, when the Kyoto Protocol becomes international law, only one will be sulking loutishly on the sidelines: the United States.

While the Bush administration unrolls phrases like “climate variability” to test the drape of its message on the foreshortened frame of American public opinion, the original Red Coats do not mince words.

Britain’s chief science adviser, David King, calls global warming a more serious threat than terror.
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Heaven and hell in the Everglades

February 1, 2005

Clunk. That was the sound last week when a report on the Everglades by the National Research Council (NRC) hit the desk of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.Of course, I’ve never seen the governor’s desk. I write from the other side of the castle keep and pole axes, outside the moat. Read the rest of this entry »