The Tears of Mark Sanford: Tripped Up by 35,000 Year Old Flute

June 25, 2009

In the 1960’s, conservatives were fixated by the threat of the Red Menace and a youthful culture supine with drugs and rock ‘n roll. They set out the foundations of a new Moral Majority to combat these threats. The precepts of the Moral Majority were Christian, mainly, Republican, mainly, and meshed with Chamber of Commerce values, mainly. SC Governor Mark Sanford, who exemplified these conservative values, is only the latest politician who knocked down the limbo stick. Read the rest of this entry »


Bailing out the Land Speculators: The transformation of Charlie Crist

June 3, 2009

(Counterpunch) As Democrats approach a filibuster proof US Senate, every race will be a heated battle. In 2010 one of the key contests will be in Florida where a governor perceived to be moderate, Charlie Crist, is locked in a primary against the former House Speaker in the Florida legislature, Marco Rubio. Read the rest of this entry »