Sergio Pino’s Bad Year: The Fall of a South Florida Banker

March 22, 2011

On the same day that Sergio Pino announced his resignation from the board of the bank he founded, US Century Bank in Miami had more bad news: the ratings agency, Fitch, withdrew its rating. In a public statement to South Florida Business Journal, Pino said his withdrawal had nothing to do with the severely deteriorating condition of the bank.

Pino, along with other bank directors, have been major Republican campaign contributors and lobbyists for suburban sprawl in Florida wetlands and farmland. They have strongly supported and pushed for the expansion of the Urban Development Boundary in Miami-Dade to include lands purchased as speculative investments for future platted subdivisions and sprawl. The bank they founded has been the recipient of the largest infusion of federal taxpayer moneys, through TARP, among all Florida banks. Read the rest of this entry »


Join ‘flash mob’ for solar power in Florida

October 5, 2006

Let’s talk about your electric bill, and something you can do to start pushing back. Can you say the words “renewable energy” quickly enough?

You ask: What in the world can I do? Read the rest of this entry »

Global warming: A tale of 2 nations

February 15, 2005

The United States and Great Britain share a common language, a passion for football and, when it comes to government response to global warming, nothing much else.

On Wednesday, when the Kyoto Protocol becomes international law, only one will be sulking loutishly on the sidelines: the United States.

While the Bush administration unrolls phrases like “climate variability” to test the drape of its message on the foreshortened frame of American public opinion, the original Red Coats do not mince words.

Britain’s chief science adviser, David King, calls global warming a more serious threat than terror.
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The power of names: There’s a little hurricane in all of us

September 4, 2004

Thursday. A day strange, anxious, hot and sunny. Coming up with “Andrew.” That’s what the folks who Charley collided with can look forward to—every threat of hurricane is like a lottery ticket you’re hoping won’t scratch the same name.

Ten years after the Category 5 storm hit Miami-Dade, what sticks is the memory of long, slow days afterward. I tell this to my wife, who looks at me like I’m crazy. Read the rest of this entry »