Economic Shock and Awe: earning billions while losing trillions

December 19, 2008

(Counterpunch) ┬áIt was inevitable that the shock and awe we glimpsed for the past twenty years in the fast growing regions of the United States through an unsustainable boom in housing and construction would come to grief. It was born of hubris, and it continues through this day. Read the rest of this entry »


The Audacity of Parkland: Florida’s squandered promise

December 17, 2008

(Counterpunch) 50 million barrels of oil are being parked in tankers sitting offshore, lacking buyers. Let’s call it: Parkland. But in Miami, Parkland is a name with another meaning. Parkland is a zoning application to move Miami-Dade’s abused Urban Development Boundary closer to the Everglades.

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Perfect Coda to the Bush Presidency: The Artless Dodger

December 15, 2008

(Counterpunch) It wasn’t just a Size 10 shoe thrown at President Bush at his final press event in Baghdad, it was the coda to his presidency. Read the rest of this entry »

Fallout from the Pass-Through Economy: Manny Diaz, Jeb Bush and the FTAA

December 7, 2008

(Counterpunch) Miami Mayor Manny Diaz must feel blind-sided by the furor over his possible appointment to an Obama Cabinet-level position (“Mayor Diaz facing a backlash over a Cabinet post”, Miami Herald, December 5, 2008). The AFL-CIO is objecting to Diaz on several counts. The clearest is Diaz’s role in the response by law enforcement to the 2003 Free Trade of the Americas Summit meeting in downtown Miami. There are other reasons to get to, in due course.

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